Closing the water cycle

Modern society is finally coming to grips with its responsibility for preserving its natural resources. Increasingly stringent regulations are being put into place, in particular, to protect that most essential resource of all, fresh water. There is thus an urgent need for efficient and reliable systems for the treatment and recycling of wastewater in industry and in the home.
One company which is taking te lead in the field of water treatment and recycling is Triqua B.V., based in Wageningen in the Netherlands.

Triqua B.V. is a supplier of innovative turn-key water treatment systems. The company designs and manufactures standard and custom designed systems aimed at the total water market. Located near one of the leading agricultural universities in Eureope, Triqua uses a combination of advanced microfiltration and bioreactor technologies in its systems. This results in top quality, reprocessed water, with a minimum of sludge which can then be incinerated.

Triqua develops systems for major clients, for example, the paper, chemical, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, and for smaller applications such as residential units, shipping, and offshore oil rigs.
It is particulaty well-knowm for its compact MemTriq systems, which can be integrated into any existing client process. For example, the maritime version, the MemTriq Marine “Ecofighter”, is designed for on-board treatment of black, grey and bilge water. It is insensitive to shock and vibration, and meets all MARPOL standards for on-board waste water management.

The concept behind Triqua B.V. was developed in 1992 by Lex van Dijk and Guido Roncken. This resulted in the founding of the company for water treatment in Wageningen in 1994. In 2000, Triqua moved to its current location.
The company’s first international success was booked in April 2001, with its first large export order from Germany, and two further orders were placed at the beginning of this year. 60% of the company’s EUR 2.5 million in 2001 was, in fact, exported, in particular, to Finland, Germany, Italy, and the United States. With 26 employes, Triqua is now growing at an annual rate of 10-15%. Sales are conducted through agents in many countries, and many custromers are to be found in the shipping industry in Greece and Italy, and in various industries in the Netherland and Germany. The company is also present at industrial exhibitions such as Aquatech in Amsterdam, and the Cruise and Ferry show in London.

The company’s success is due to its emphasis on quality and advanced technology. “We act as a total supplier, from problem analysis, to engineering and manufacture”, says Sjoerd P. Boom, process engineer responsible for public relations. “Our own research and development staff stay in constant contact with the customer to look for the best and most economic solution to their needs. Staff members often invited to give lectures in this area,” he adds.

Triqua expects the market for its water treatment systems to continue to grow due to rising costs for water and increasingly strict environmental regulations around the world. As one of the larger players in the shipping and offshore industry, it will concentrate efforts on the maritime market. It will also maintain its diversity and flexibility in product development, especially for the processing of industrial water.

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